What is Founding Farmers Market & Grocery?

Founding Farmers Market & Grocery is a one-stop online shop for you and your whole family – with chef-prepared meals, daily groceries, and critical household necessities – all delivered curbside to your car or right to your doorstep, contact-free.

We are so glad you are here! We are evolving with the times to provide you, our guests and everyone across our communities, with everything you need to stay home, healthy, and well-fed. Our menus include preservative-free prepared foods, hot family meals, fruits & veggies, pantry staples, meats & cheeses, freshly baked breads and dessert, house-churned ice cream, our house-roasted coffee, wine, beer, bottled craft cocktails, and spirits in some locations. We are also carrying a unique selection of plant-based medicine from Apothékary and an assortment of CBD products from Every Day Optimal.

Every dollar of revenue from our Market & Grocery is going directly to support our working teams, with the hope that the more orders we receive, the sooner we can rehire more of our laid-off employees. We appreciate your continued support and business.

How do I order?

All Market & Grocery orders can be made through our online ordering system. You will first select restaurant location, pick a date and time for your pick up or delivery, and provide your telephone number and/or address. If it is your first time ordering with us, you may be sent a text with a verification code to make sure we have your accurate information. Then you can access our full menu and make your selections. When you are finished, you can review your cart, and fill out payment information. Once you have completed payment, your receipt will load onto your browser. Please enter your email at the bottom of the page to receive a copy of your receipt, which will have your pick up date, time, and location.

Please note: You must choose your date and pick up time first. You will not be able to update it once your cart is full.

If I choose to pick up my order, where do I go?

We are providing contact-free curbside pick up. When you order, you will be asked to choose your pick up location. At your selected date and time, just pull your car up to the front of our restaurant and remain in your vehicle. Text us to let us know that you have arrived and provide a description of your vehicle. If there is a line of cars in front of our restaurant, please queue up with our other guests. If you are on foot or riding a bike, please do not enter the restaurant and stand at least 20 feet away from our front doors. There will be markings on the pavement to direct you. Text us to let us know where you are.

  • Founding Farmers Tysons: please text 202-344-9264

  • MoCo’s Founding Farmers: please text 202-344-9986

  • Farmers & Distillers: please text 202-286-1719

Once we receive your text, our team will bring your groceries to your car and put them either in your back seat or trunk. You can keep your window closed and just point to the door you would like us to use. We are doing everything we can to provide you with a safe and convenient market experience.

How can I see your menu and what you have available in your Market & Grocery?

Because we are continuing to evolve our market, adding more & more items every day, our online ordering platform is where you can find our most up-to-date menus. From our online ordering page, select which Market is the most convenient for you and choose delivery or curbside pick up. Once you have added your preferred date and time, you will be prompted to provide your telephone number and/or delivery address. If it is your first time ordering with us, you may be sent a text with a verification code to make sure we have your accurate information. Then you can access our full menu. If you decide not to order, you can just exit our ordering web page.

Can you deliver alcohol?

According to state laws, in some of our locations we can deliver alcohol when purchased WITH food. The person receiving your order must be at least 21 years old. We will check your ID through your house window. In Virginia, we can deliver wine, beer, and bottled craft cocktails. In Maryland and DC, we are able to deliver wine, beer, spirits, and bottles of our house-made craft cocktails. In Pennsylvania, you can pick up beer and wine curbside, but we cannot deliver any alcohol.

Is your Founding Farmers restaurant still open?

Yes! All of our restaurants -- Founding Farmers, Farmers Fishers Bakers, Farmers & Distillers – are still open for contact-free curbside pick up and delivery every day. We are working together to do everything we can to help #flattenthecurve and, along the way, ensure we do our part to support and feed our communities and our team. Our restaurant kitchens will keep making food for our restaurant take out and delivery guests, and for our Market & Grocery, and we’ll be sure to get it to you as safely as we can.

What health & safety precautions are you taking?

The health and safety of our guests and our team is our top priority. We have expanded all of our protocols following the guidance of health officials and complying with all sanitation recommendations made by the CDC and WHO. For your safety, and the safety of our team, we have built a system that is contact-free from start to finish. If you come to pick up your order, we will place your food directly in your trunk or back seat. And wave at you. For delivery, we will leave it outside of your house. To learn more about how we are managing our food safety and sanitation protocols, please go HERE. To hear directly from Co-Owner, Dan Simons, as he answers a series of community questions about our health and safety practices as we continue to operate during COVID-19, go to YouTube video HERE.

Who is doing your delivery?

Our original Founding Farmers team members are delivering for our Market & Grocery, as well as cooking and managing all of our operations. We are proud to be able to support as much of our team as we can and continue to bring some of our laid-off team members back to support our delivery. As we grow, if we get overwhelmed by our orders, we may borrow support from one of our delivery platforms to provide timely service, but we will quickly adjust our operations and bring more of our team back on board. Thanks to your orders, we are able to keep employing our team during these challenging times. We appreciate your support.

How much Founding Spirits Hand Sanitizer can I purchase?

With a purchase of $30 or more from our Market & Grocery, you can purchase one 750 ml bottle OR two of our smaller 2 oz bottles. We are working as fast as we can to make Founding Spirits Hand Sanitizer for all of our guests and to support our communities, also delivering bulk quantities to local hospitals and government agencies.

How do I add to an order to an order that I've already placed?

If you have already placed an order with us and want to add additional items, please place another order and, if available, select the same pick up date and time.

What if I want to cancel an order I have placed?

If you need to cancel a pick up or delivery order that you have placed, we require a 24-hour notice. Please contact us here.

Can I return something I have purchased?

For health and safety reasons, we cannot accept returns on market or grocery items. However, if there is something wrong with your order, please contact us here.

Can I use a Farmers Restaurant Group gift card?

No. Farmers Restaurant Group gift cards cannot currently be used for Founding Farmers Market & Grocery.

How can I support your continued business?

We are collecting money to support and protect all of our employees. You can make a donation to our Employee Relief Fund to help us continue to provide free daily meals for everyone we have temporarily laid off and help pay for our health insurance premiums.

Are your containers microwave safe?

Not all of our containers are microwave safe. If your order contains prepared food in a 100% clear plastic container, it is NOT microwave safe. Please move it to another container or plate to heat. All of our cooking instructions are available HERE.

When should I expect my delivery?

When selecting your delivery day and time, please allow up to two hours after your selected time. We are still in the process of building our delivery systems and are doing our best to serve you.

When should I arrive for my pick up order?

You do not need to arrive precisely at your scheduled delivery time, but we do ask that you arrive within the hour. Please text us when you arrive and provide a description of your car. Our team will bring your groceries directly to your car. Founding Farmers Tysons, please text: 202-344-9264 MoCo's Founding Farmers, please text: 202-344-9986 Founding Farmers Reston Station, please text: 202-227-6682 Farmers & Distillers, please text: 202-286-1719 Founding Farmers King of Prussia, please text: 484-688-7273

Which of your locations has the Founding Farmers Market & Grocery?

Currently, our Founding Farmers Market & Grocery is available for curbside pick up and delivery in Washington, DC, Potomac, MD, Tysons, VA, and King of Prussia, PA. To order online, go HERE.

What do I do if something is missing from my order?

We are working to build and maintain our inventory for all of our guests. However, there are times when we run out of things you may have ordered. If we are out of stock of something that you ordered, your receipt will be marked "refund." This means we are automatically refunding your money through whatever payment method you used. If you are missing something that isn't marked "refund," please reach out to us. We appreciate your understanding as we work to provide food and provisions and continue to expand our offerings every day.





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